The Heart

The Heart Collection is a dainty and feminine jewelry line made to put an accent on your personality and to highlight your beauty. Nothing distracts attention from you.

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Bella Collection

Bella Collection represents genuine beauty that comes from inner strength. Each natural gemstone formed that way. Pure and delicate designs are versatile and magical in their simplicity.


Splash Collection

Splash collection is the splash of colored gemstone drops. They are full of joy, great mood, energy. Put them on, feel positive vibrations, and make your event memorable!


Rondelle Collection

Tiny faceted gemstones are hand-picked to make a subtle colorful line around your neckline, wrist, or ankle. It will be a real  treasure with your initials on the chain end. Match with other jewelry or wear just one piece at a time - it's up to Your choice! All gemstones are natural. Each piece is handmade to your order and comes with an inspirational card about your gem.

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