Delicate and feminine Topaz jewelry by Boutique Baltique.
December Birthstone is Topaz and we have it in different colors, cut, and size.
Sky Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Brown Topaz, Pink Topaz in bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings!

  Topaz symbolizes strength, wisdom, courage, and friendship. This gemstone has mystic healing powers and is considered to facilitate emotional balance and protection from greed. Stone of peacefulness, and ideal for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. It also represents strength, wisdom, courage, and is a symbol of friendship.
Blue Topaz gemstone has been enhanced using standard radiation treatment.

          Some facts about Topaz:

∙ December birthstone
∙ 4th and 19th Anniversary Gemstone
∙ Talisman for Sagittarius
∙ Third eye chakra