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Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. If you were born between January 20th and February 18th, you are an Aquarius. Those born under this air sign can be hard to classify. Some are extroverts and sociable, while others can be much more sensitive and calm.

Aquarius Jewelry Gifts

Aquarius means “water-carrier” in Latin. Its constellation is in the southern hemisphere. The ruling planets of this sign are Saturn and Uranus. Uranus symbolizes innovation and adventure, while Saturn represents determination and responsibility. The opposing symbolism of Uranus and Saturn seems to mirror the dual nature of Aquarians - they can be adventurous risk-takers and quiet dreamers.

Gemstone Jewelry Talismans for Aquarius

They are thoughtful, creative, and refreshing people. Their zodiac symbol is the water bearer, who represents the gifts of truth and pure intentions that Aquarians carry. Some famous Aquarians are Abraham Lincoln, Jennifer Aniston, Carles Darwin, Mozart, Charles Dickens, Thomas Edison, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, and Oprah Winfrey.

Independent Aquarius

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarians are intelligent and friendly daydreamers. They can be open, direct, and adventurous, yet quiet and slightly aloof at times. They like alone time. That said, Aquarians are always happy to help and support those around them.

Amethyst Necklace and Earrings

They are typically forward thinkers who want to make the world a better place - they possess a strong sense of empathy and dislike seeing unfairness. Aquarians love art, creativity, and individuality, in themselves and others, making wonderful friends, family, and romantic panthers. 

Aquarius Talismans

Every great Aquarius trait presents a unique limitation. As daydreamers, they can be very wrapped up in their thoughts sometimes, making it harder to stay connected with others. They are highly independent, so it is hard for others to relate to them. We have selected several talismans for Aquarians that will balance Aquarian traits, provide calmness, protection, freedom, prosperity, and love.

Garnet Threader Earrings


Although Aquarians are prolific dreamers, they may have hard times grounding their dreams in reality. Garnet is a beautiful juicy red traditional January birthstone, and it helps with fulfilling dreams, brings abundance, health, and prosperity to anyone who selects this as their talisman.

Tsavorite/Green Garnet

This gorgeous gem is a rare variety of grossular garnet that rivals emerald, not only in its beauty but also in power. It is said to encourage a desire for charity and kindness while also increasing zest for life. Wear Tsavorite to elevate wealth in various aspects such as financial, creative, and emotional.

Green Garnet Necklace

As an Aquarius, you can wear tsavorite as a reminder to let your naturally high creativity flow and to become more creative in your everyday life. It is a rare gemstone and a unique alternative to January birthstone. Do you know anyone who would love it?


Amethyst is the perfect healing talisman for anyone in search of serenity. This fabulous gem comes in different shades of purple, varying from light pink, commonly known as Pink Amethyst, to deep violet. It is said to help the wearer become more in tune with their feelings.

Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is a good talisman for Aquarius, who find it difficult to be understood by others. Wear it to understand yourself on a deeper level and clarify your mind. Understanding yourself on a higher level should help others understand you better too.

Amethyst Earrings


Wear labradorite as a gorgeous protection talisman, and let it introduce a bit of magic into your life and help you become who you desire to be. This colorful gemstone is said to bring clarity to those who wear it. Use this clarity to open up your mind to what you want and how to get it.

Labradorite Earrings

Rose Quartz

Let the love emanating from the soothing light pink Rose Quartz remind you to be compassionate towards yourself and others. This talisman of unconditional love is also said to help bring true love to you, making it perfect for the Aquarius, or anyone else, in search of their soulmate. 

Tiny Rose Quartz Necklace

Which do you prefer, Garnet, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst?

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