Delicate and feminine Tanzanite jewelry by Boutique Baltique.
December Birthstone is Tanzanite and we have it in different cut and size.
 Lush blue velvet. Rich royal purple Tanzanite in bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and earrings!


 Lush blue velvet. Rich royal purple.
Exotic tanzanite is found in only one place on earth, near majestic Kilimanjaro.
It generates an energy of happiness and relief from worries, allowing insight into emotional issues without the need to dwell on them unnecessarily.
It inspires one in feeling more compassionate, loving and centered.

Some facts about Tanzanite:

∙ December Birthstone
∙ 8th and 24th Anniversary Gemstone
∙ Talisman for Sagittarius
∙ Throat Chakra