Welcome to Boutique Baltique!

Boutique Baltique specializes in delicate gemstone jewelry that you'll adore wearing and keeping for years to come. Our pieces are feminine and delicate and are hand-crafted with care and attention in our Riga studio. We use only natural authentic gemstones.
We ship worldwide directly to you through our online store.

Designed for you

Angela Jermakova creates all our jewelry designs with an immense love for natural stones, precious metals, and minimalism. Our designs are made for women who value their uniqueness and natural beauty.

Our jewelry is perfect for women who:

  • adore gemstone hues and prefer simple yet elegant accessories;
  • trust in the powerful energy of gemstones to help them achieve their goals;
  • cherish handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and precious pieces made especially for them.

How did this story begin

Angela's journey started in late 2014 when she explored designers' colored gemstone jewelry. She was amazed at how beautiful they were and fell in love with the gemstone world instantly. Angela started to learn, create her own collections, and show them to her friends. As her jewelry was successfully selling, she left her career to dedicate all her time to her jewelry passion.

Angela loves jewelry that emphasizes a woman's personality without distracting attention from herself - dainty yet vibrant pieces. Such jewelry is appropriate in most situations, both day and evening. It was difficult for her to find jewelry that would fit her preferences, so, Angela created the beauty that will be worn and treasured for years, not only for others but for herself too. By now, more than 17 thousand women have chosen jewelry from Boutique Baltique.

Many of Angela's clients are men, indicating a desire to adorn their beloved women with her jewelry. Angela values their trust and choice!

Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry is unique, as each stone possesses not only beauty but also distinctive properties and vibrations that can impact our lives. These stones are formed under extreme conditions of high temperatures and enormous pressure for thousands or even millions of years. Even from ordinary dust, precious nuggets can be formed that amaze us with their beauty.

Wearing natural gemstones allows you to feel their vibrations and character. Whether it's a special touch like your favorite fragrance or a representation of a person, milestone, or event in your life, we source the most beautiful gemstones from around the world.

Your gemstone can help to attract love and abundance, and protect against negativity. While they cannot do everything for you, they can help you achieve your goals. As someone who knows the power of gemstones, I welcome you to the world of natural beauty and magic.

Our values

  • Simplicity - minimalist jewelry is all about simplicity and understated elegance, it tends to be more subdued, with a focus on a sleek and timeless design.
  • Beauty - we value beauty and strive to deliver a set of emotions to our customers through our high-quality gemstones, skilled craftsmanship, and professional packaging. Our goal is to create an experience that not only delights our customers when they receive their jewelry but also when they wear it.
  • Integrity - we believe that the world is unified and that people are interconnected on all levels. We recognize that every human being is more than just a physical body, and therefore, our gemstone jewelry carries a deeper meaning and energy that extends beyond the physical.

Our gemstones

Natural Gemstones are a passion for us. Our jewelry features gemstones that are cut according to our specific requirements, ensuring that they will be perfect for your unique piece.

Our materials

Each piece of our jewelry is made-to-order with Sterling Silver and 14k Solid Gold (in yellow, rose, or white) to meet your preferences.

Our mission

At Boutique Baltique, we believe that gemstone jewelry can naturally enhance a woman's inner strength and beauty. Our mission is to empower confident and loving women through our jewelry.

We believe that jewelry is a beautiful way to express love for oneself or a beloved one. Browse our collections to discover more.