Boutique Baltique is all about delicate gemstone jewelry

All our pieces are handcrafted by talented people who love that they do in our studio in Riga. We use natural gemstones that is the essence of nature's beauty. We sell online and ship our jewelry worldwide directly to you.

Our values

We believe that every woman is equally beautiful with make-up, push-up bra, and jewelry or without all that.
We also believe that natural gemstone jewelry can represent the character of a woman and highlight the beauty of her personality.
You just find that best suits you!

Meet Angela

Angela, a wife and a mom of two sons found her passion for making jewelry back in 2015. That was the love from the first sight - so much delight and inspiration she felt every time creating each piece of jewelry. It came like magic, the soul put in each necklace or pair of earrings, and Angela felt the need to share with that!

Our gemstones

We love natural colored gemstones because they are just like us - created by Mother Nature, each one unique and beautiful!  Wearing natural gemstone, you will feel it's vibrations and character.
You may love to wear colored gemstone as a special touch similar to your favorite fragrance or because they represent a person, a milestone of your life, a special event. We are sourcing the most beautiful gemstones worldwide.

Our materials

All our gemstones are natural and come from all over the world.
All Boutique Baltique is made to order in  Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Filled (yellow or rose), and 14k Solid Gold (yellow, rose or white).

Our mission

Confident, loving woman is an absolute treasure, we believe, that gemstone jewelry organically enhances our inner strength and beauty.

Our jewelry is a beautiful way to show the love for a woman, either for Yourself or for Your beloved one. Browse our collections, to see more.