Welcome to Boutique Baltique!

Boutique Baltique is all about delicate gemstone jewelry. Jewelry, you will love to wear and keep for years. Delicate and colorful, you will look both professionally and very feminine in it. 

All Boutique Baltique items are hand-crafted to your order with care and attention in our studio in Riga. We sell online and ship worldwide directly to you.

We use only natural gemstones that is the essence of nature's beauty. Each stone is beautiful with its uniqueness, and there are no two alike. The stones may contain natural inclusions, slightly vary in size and shape, the exact stone will be just your.

Your order will be custom made according to your choice of metal and other options. Please keep in mind that your item may look slightly different than one shown on the photos, but very close to it.


Designed for you

All our jewelry designs are created by Angela Jermakova, from the insane passion for natural stones, metals, and minimalism. All designs are created for strong and feminine women who value their individuality and natural beauty!

Our Jewelry is for women like You who:

- love the color of gemstones, and prefer dainty laconic accessories;
- successful in her career and choose to look as a professional;
- believe that gemstones have a powerful energy, that helps in achieving her goals;

- love unique, real, and precious things created by loving hands just for her.


How did this story begin

My journey started in the late 2014 when I first saw beautiful colored gemstone jewelry from another designer. I was amazed how beautiful they were! I falled in love with gemstone world instantly and started to learn, create my own collections and show them to my friends. As my jewelry was successfully selling, my life completely changed, I left my carreer and dedicated all my time to my jewelry passion.

I love jewelry that emphasizes a woman's personality without distracting attention from herself - small enough, but neat and with colorful stones. Such jewelry is appropriate in most situations, both day and evening. It was difficult to find a jewelry during my career that would fit my preferences and wouldn’t broke the bank. So, I created the beauty that will be worn and treasured for years, not only for you but for myself too!

For more than six years, I have created jewelry for more than 13 thousand women.
Today, I check every piece that leaves my studio so that the woman who receives it wears it for a long time and with pleasure.

A significant part of our clients are men, and this fact says to me that they want to see their beloved and dear women in such jewelry. I appreciate their trust and choice!

Gemstone Jewelry is a special type of jewelry.

Stones feature not just beauty but also unique properties and vibrations that affect us and our lives. Very extreme conditions: enormous pressure and high temperatures for thousands and even millions of years formed gemstones.

Relatively speaking, a precious nugget is formed from ordinary dust, which cannot but amaze with its beauty.

Each stone has its character, its energy, which makes it similar to us - women. Stones can help to attract love abundance and even protect us from negativity into our lives.
They won't do everything for you, but they will help you achieve your goals. I know that they work and want to share this with you. 

Welcome to the world of magic and natural beauty! 

Our values

We believe that every woman is equally beautiful and worth with make-up, push-up bra, and jewelry or without all that.
We also believe that natural gemstone jewelry can represent the character of a woman and highlight the beauty of her personality.
You just find that best suits you!

Our gemstones

We love natural colored gemstones because they are just like us - created by Mother Nature, each one unique and beautiful!  Wearing natural gemstone, you will feel it's vibrations and character.
You may love to wear colored gemstone as a special touch similar to your favorite fragrance or because they represent a person, a milestone of your life, a special event. We are sourcing the most beautiful and affordable 
gemstones worldwide.

Our materials

All our gemstones are natural and come from all over the world.
All Boutique Baltique is made to order in Sterling Silver, 14k Gold-Filled (yellow or rose), and 14k Solid Gold (yellow, rose or white).

Our mission

Confident, loving woman is an absolute treasure, we believe, that gemstone jewelry organically enhances our inner strength and beauty.

Jewelry is a beautiful way to show the love for a woman, either for Yourself or for Your beloved one. Browse our collections, to see more.