Raw Peridot Earrings

€ 32.00 EUR

Sterling Silver
14k Gold Filled
14k Rose Gold Filled
14k Solid Gold
14k Solid Gold Rose
14k Solid Gold White

Peridot evokes the lateness of summer and the onset of fall, as leaves morph from green to gold and hang like jewels in the sunlight. It carries the gift of inner radiance, sharpens the mind and opens it to new levels of awareness and growth. Gives a positivity and assists in balancing our mind stronger. These stones are unpolished and represent the beauty of the universe as it is. Wear these earrings with pride of being a woman! Matching necklace available. Please allow 1-3 business days fr production.


• natural untreated peridot crystals, Your earrings will be unique, as there are no two stones are alike.
• 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or 14k Solid Gold!
• elongated hand-forged and hammered earwires, that sparkle at every move
• come in our beautiful branded gift box


• peridot size varies from 10 to 13 mm
• the total length of the earrings is about:
- 4 cm approx or 1 1/2"


∙ August Birthstone
∙ 1st and 16th Anniversary Gemstone
∙ Talisman for Leo
∙ Heart chakra (Anahata)

Peridot symbolizes inner lightness, safety, and equilibrium.
Being a heart chakra stone, it opens and nurtures one's heart, which helps to overcome depressive thoughts and breakdowns.
Peridot is one of only two gemstones that are formed in extreme conditions of magma from the upper mantle (20 to 55 miles deep). It represents an exclusive endurability and craving for life.