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Pink Topaz JewelryScorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac. Someone born between October 23rd and November 22nd is considered a Scorpio. Because of their fiery and mysterious nature, many mistakenly assume that Scorpios are a fire sign, but this is not so. Scorpios are a water sign.


Scorpio Constellation

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Scorpios have two ruling planets: Pluto and Mars. Mars is representative of power and action, while Pluto symbolizes change and growth. In Greek mythology, Pluto is the God of the Underworld and wealth, while Mars is the God of War, making Scorpios naturally brave, ambitious, curious, creative, and fierce in the pursuit of goals. Some famous Scorpios are Leonardo Di Caprio, Pablo Picasso, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Kris Jenner, and Drake.

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Scorpio Characteristics


Those born under this sign are characterized by their ambitious, persistent, and dutiful nature. They set high goals for themselves and expect to reach them, which they often do. They like to surround themselves with interesting people and deeply value honesty, authenticity. Scorpios make loyal friends, that will not hesitate to put themselves on the line for those they deeply care about. Once they are committed to someone, they will stick by them. 


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Scorpio Talismans


Every fantastic Scorpio trait presents a unique limitation. Although it’s amazing how great Scorpios are at standing their ground and sticking to their principles, their determination can sometimes veer off into stubbornness. Sometimes the traits which make them shine can also make it difficult for them to find compromises.


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We have selected talismans that nurture, ground, and balance Scorpios. These talismans can be worn to protect from negative energy, help with communication, and bring out natural gifts and abilities. 


Citrine Bella Necklace




This sunburst of a gem is said to douse you in feel-good vibes. Citrine is perfect for the Scorpio who could use a ray of light in their darker moments. The bright warm Citrine carries the power of the sun, absorbing negative energy and turning it into energy that radiates light and joy.


Citrine Drop Earrings


Citrine is sometimes called the “merchant’s stone” as it symbolizes wealth and success. It is also thought of as a Stone of Abundance, Manifestation, and Prosperity. The Scorpio embarking on a new business venture could wear this as a talisman of good luck business.


Pink Topaz Drop Necklace

Pink Topaz

All shades of Topaz have one thing in common. They are all exquisite balancing stones, helping you stay in a state of equilibrium. Pink Topaz is special because it radiates hope, and is said to help those who wear it step out of old patterns which are no longer useful while opening a pathway to find love. 

Pink Topaz Drop Threader

Pink Topazes' encourages knowledge, confidence, and forgiveness. It symbolizes the peace that love brings to our mind, body, and heart.

Sky Blue Topaz Drop Necklace

Blue Topaz


Blue Topaz comes in a variety of distinct shades, from light Sky Blue to darker deeper London Blue. It symbolizes strength, wisdom, communication, and friendship. The Egyptians thought that Blue Topaz is closely associated with Ra, the Sun God. They believed the ancient god poured all his powers into this magnificent gemstone. 

Sky Blue Topaz Splash Necklace

This gem is not only gorgeous, it is a powerful throat chakra stone. It can help Scorpios who sometimes have a difficult time expressing vulnerability, communicate their feelings instead of letting them bottle up.

London Blue Topaz Splash 4 Drop Earrings

London Blue Topaz, with its understated yet mesmerizing dark blue hue, is one of the most sought-after shades of Topaz. This gem will help you promote honesty, self-realization, and most importantly for Scorpios, openness, as Scorpios can sometimes get so focused on a particular outcome that they lose sight of the bigger picture.


Sky Blue Topaz Bella Earrings

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