6 Gifts That Are Guaranteed to Make a Capricorn Smile

Garnet JewelryCapricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. If you were born between December 22nd and January 19th, then you are a Capricorn. Those born under this earth sign are very grounded and stable. The ruling planet of Capricorns is Saturn, which is sometimes referred to as the taskmaster of planets, as it represents responsibility, hard work and determination. Saturn energy is said to push you to finish your goals while helping you understand your limitations.

Capricorn ConstellationCapricorn's constellation is the smallest in the zodiac, and is located in the area of the sky called the sea or the Water, which houses many of the water sign constellations. Some famous Capricorns are Jared Leto, Elvis Presley, John Legend, LeBron James, Diane Keaton, Kate Middleton, Orlando Bloom, Jason Bateman, J. R. R. Tolkien, Issac Newton & Martin Luther King.

Capricorn Symbol - Sea GoatUrania's Mirror - Capricornus by Jehoshaphat Aspin

This stellar zodiac sign is depicted by a sea goat, a mythical creature with the upper body of a goat and lower body of a fish, thought to be the representation of Enki, a Sumerian god of creativity and wisdom.

Capricorn Trait PhotoCapricorn Characteristics

Capricorns are characterized as disciplined, serious and practical people. Due to their logical and grounded nature, they are said to be great at saving, handling and investing money. As they are governed by Saturn, the planet of order, Capricorns thrive in an environment where they know exactly what is expected of them. They are highly motivated, strive for success and to keep up with deadlines, making them a powerhouse in the workforce. 

Capricorn Traits PhotoThey make loyal and supportive friends, family members and partners. Capricorns are said to go out of their way to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. They love luxury but seek stability and comfort, and will only splurge on something beautiful if they can afford it. They are aware of their limitations and do not like to take unnecessary risks.

Rhodolite Garnet Stud EarringsCapricorn Talismans

Every awesome Capricorn trait presents a unique limitation. Capricorn's realistic outlook on life and hyper-awareness of their own limitations is an awesome characteristic. It helps Capricorns make practical decisions. That said, it could also keep them from looking past their own limitations and dreaming up a life that is greater than they ever believed was possible.

Rhodolite Garnet Stud EarringsFor highly driven workers, it is important to maintain a balanced life in order to avoid burning out. Getting in touch with your inner self and becoming more in tune with your needs and the needs of your loved ones is a great remedy for this. Some talismans we have selected which could be beneficial for Capricorns in balancing their traits and helping them look past limitations, are Turquoise, Topaz, Tanzanite and Garnet.

Turquoise Bracelet


This soothing blue green December birthstone symbolizes strength, protection, and leadership. Turquoise has long been used as a protection talisman, making it perfect for anyone who loves it’s stunning color and is looking to ward off bad energy. That said, it is a particularly great talisman for the Capricorn in need of courage and strength to try to overcome their limitations or when stepping out of their comfort zone.

SKy Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

Sky Blue Topaz

Topaz, which comes in a large variety of colors from pink to various shades of blue, represents many different things based on each particular color. Sky Blue Topaz symbolizes peacefulness, wisdom and strength, making it a great talisman for the Capricorn who desires to look within and get in touch with their inner self.

Sky Blue Topaz EarringsWear Sky Blue Topaz for its peaceful energy, let the wisdom it is said to provide remind you that you contain enormous strength and are capable of overcoming your limitations.

Tanzanite EarringsTanzanite

This violet gemstone is the symbol of creativity, compassion and trust. It will make an amazing talisman for the Capricorn who is looking to become a little less grounded and more open to creative thinking. It can make a fantastic talisman for anyone, but it is particularly beneficial for those who seek to balance their realistic nature and think outside of the box.

Green GarnetTsavorite

Tsavorite, or green garnet, or as it’s sometimes called, is a rare and beautiful alternative birthstone for those born in January. It symbolizes abundance, health prosperity, and is thought to be a powerful talisman for growth, development and renewal.

Raw Tsavorite Earrings
As for Capricorns, this gemstone is perfect for those who are longing to surround themselves with more beauty and to grow abundance. Not only is this stone beautiful itself, but it is said to inspire you to look at things from a new perspective and appreciate all the beauty which already surrounds you.

Mandarin Garnet Necklace with initials

Mandarin Garnet

Spessartine or mandarin garnet is also known as a Garnet of the Sun, Spessartine is one of the lesser-known and rarer varieties of Garnet. It is said to enhance analytical processes of the rational mind. It also stimulates aspects of creative abilities and energies, encouraging one to take action toward one's dreams, visions, and goals.

Garnet Jewelry Garnet

This lush dark red gemstone is the birthstone of January. It’s name comes from the fact that in the 14th century, “garnet” was a name used for a deep red color, like the juicy seed of a pomegranate.

Garnet Drop Threader EarringsGarnet is a versatile gemstone, it goes well with almost anything, and looks stunning set in gold. It symbolizes love, hope, and protection on the energy level. It is said to bring the realization of dreams to anyone who wears it, but is a wonderful talisman for Capricorns in particular because it is a great source of hope and love, especially self love. Let garnet help you overcome unnecessary self criticism or thoughts that keep you from reaching your full potential. Garnet Drop Threader Earrings

Which of these Capricorn Talismans do you love the most?

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