Gold “Berry” Rings

Gold “Berry” Rings

We’re excited to share some news with you! Here, at Boutique Baltique, we decided to make a new addition to an already beloved “Berry'' collection. Delicate, dainty, and elegant colored gemstone rings are just launched in a limited assortment and are available in 14k Solid Gold.

We are in love with how a thin band and a tiny gemstone look together on a woman’s hand. We couldn’t resist and launched a small collection to see if you love this look too.

Minimalistic With a Huge Meaning

Laconic, dainty gemstone ring that is made to express your character, and doesn’t have to be changed with different looks. It may represent your own meaning or someone's significant birthstone.

A Birthstone Ring?

These rings are available in different birthstone gemstones, but not in all, yet. If you want a special and lasting ring with your birthstone, or if you are a mother and would like to have a special piece of jewelry with each of your kids' birthstones, then these rings are perfect for this.

Can It Be Stacked?

If you would like to, you can wear these rings with different gemstones as a stacking set. The stone setting is placed above the band, so you can wear as many rings as you wish. In this case, we recommend going half a size up for a comfortable fit.

Choose your favorite stones, express your creativity and layer these rings. Explore different options for the just perfect ring combination for you. Find the best fit when it comes to the overall look as well as on an energy level.

We’re happy to say that these rings look absolutely stunning when worn stacked. Their band size also makes them very comfortable for you. The finished look will show off your personal style, will be chic, and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Make a Set

This new addition is especially great for those of you who already love and own our stud earrings. 

Making a set with “Berry” stud earrings and ring will add a touch of color to your look while retaining class and elegance. This set is perfect for those of you who love comfortable, matching, minimalistic jewelry. You can wear it to work as well as on date night.

If you already have your own “Berry” Studs and would like to have a matching ring, just drop us a message.

We Are Looking For Your Input

Do you love our tiny and delicate gemstone rings, or would you like something larger? ..perhaps with medium or large size stones? or in sterling silver, like the beautiful large Blue Kyanite Silver Ring below?

Click reply and let us know your thoughts,

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