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Gemstones Are Eternal

Gemstones are eternal and we love them for their powerful energy and beauty. They are ancient and some are as old as our Mother Earth. They carry the same energies and connect us with our common Mother. Same as our Mother, they bring us luck, love, and protection on all levels. Our mission is to bring the love of Mother Earth to every woman on this planet.

Boutique Baltiques is a Riga-based delicate gemstone jewelry brand, where each piece is expertly handcrafted with care and attention to detail, and shipped directly to the customer. Here we use natural gemstones and different precious metals.

Raw Peridot Bracelet

We source natural gemstones from all around the world. Each natural gemstone is one of a kind, just like the woman who will wear it. Sometimes, stones contain natural inclusions, slightly vary in size and shape, the exact stone will be unique and just yours. Various metals and other customization options are available for you. 

Our Jewelry is made by women for women like You, who:

- love the color of gemstones and dainty laconic accessories;
- have a successful career and prefer to look professional;
- trust in powerful gemstone energy that helps achieve goals;
- appreciate unique, real, and precious things, created by loving hands just for her.
Watermelon Tourmaline NecklaceStay inspired, 
Angela, and BoutiqueBaltique

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