Dendritic Opal Earrings

€ 29.00 EUR

Sterling Silver
14k Gold Filled
14k Rose Gold Filled
14k Solid Gold

Almost mystical white opal stones with the black patterns are minimally wrapped and suspended from fully handmade smooth long earwires.


• natural dendritic opal
• dangling from: long earwires
• 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or 14k Solid Gold
• come in our beautiful gift box along with descriptive stone card


• dendritic opal is about 8mm
• the total length of the earrings is about: 4cm 1 1/3"

Dendritic Opal

The dendrite opal is connected with the Naval Chakra and Gemini, the zodiac sign.
Dendritic Opal is a form of common Opal that has dark dendritic, tubular or orbicular markings within the base opal. The dendrites (plumes) often appear to be shaped like mosses, ferns or trees. The dendrite opal belongs to the agate family and is considered as a Stone of Plenitude that offers the fullness and abundance in one’s life. It is known as a Stone of Relation which helps in creating and strengthening the bonds of relations. It brings the work, friends and love relations close to each other.
The dendrite opal motivates the building of the relationships which are based on the sincerity and honesty. If your relationship has become a struggle then you may try this gemstone it is perfect in this case.


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