Andalusite Earrings

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Sterling Silver
14k Gold Filled
14K Rose Gold Filled
14k Solid Gold
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Beautiful color-changing andalusite crystals are wire wrapped and dangling from long handmade earwires. Andalusite changes its color from green to brown from different angles.


• natural andalusite
• dangling from: french hooks, long earwires or leverbacks
• 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled, Sterling Silver or 14k Solid Gold
• come in our beautiful gift box along with descriptive stone card


• andalusite is about 7x7mm
• total length of the earrings is about:
- 3.4 cm or 1 3/8" - with long earwires
- 2.2 cm or 7/8" - with French hooks
- 2.7 cm or 1 1/8" - with Leverbacks
• our model wears earrings with long earwires


∙ 9th Anniversary Gemstone
∙ Talisman for Virgo
∙ Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)

Andalusite symbolizes balance in life, protection, and self-realization. Being a sacral chakra stone, it reduces the tendency to create conflict with others and encourages to look at issues rationally and noticing the various sides of the situation. Andalusite helps you to find the ground in times of adversity and follow your true path without fear or hesitation.

Andalusite is well known for its ability to change colors when viewed from different directions. The stone’s colors are a result of pleochroism.
These andalusite stones have wonderful color and luster, but they can have few flaws (inclusions) visible with a naked eye or under magnification.

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