Your Birthstone and Satellite chain Bracelets, set of 2

Size Guide
Bracelet Sizing Guide

To Find Your best bracelet size:

1. Measure another Bracelet

Measure your bracelet end-to-end with a ruler for the most accurate result.

2. Measure Your wrist 

1. Measuring tape, string, dental floss, phone cord - use any of them to start.

2. Wrap around your wrist and mark where you'd like it to meet.

3. Lay flat and check the length against a ruler, or measure with a phone app.

Sizing Help

Please note that the same bracelet length don't fit the same for everyone, and it is always best to know your best fit size.

Our bracelets have an adjustable length from 6 to 7,5" (15 to 18,5cm)

Wrist size
Bracelet size Notes

  5.5 - 6.5"    14 - 16.5 cm

     6 - 7"      15 - 17.5cm

for kids, petite women

    6 - 7"         15 - 17.5 cm 6.5 - 7.5"  16.5 - 19cm

fits most

  6.5 - 7.5"    16.5 - 19 cm

   7 - 8"      17.5- 20cm

 please contact us if you need more than 7.5"


€ 65.00 EUR

14k Gold Filled
14k Rose Gold Filled
Sterling Silver

Set of 2 bracelets you will love to wear: dainty beaded bracelet and delicate birthstone bracelet. Wear them together, or each as a separate bracelet, depending on your mood.
Choose your gemstone by the color or your birthday month. These bracelets are designed to wear them with comfort and pleasure.
Your choice of Gold, Rose Gold or Silver. Makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!


• 14k Gold Filled, 14k Rose Gold Filled or Sterling Silver
• secure and comfortable lobster clasp
• come in our beautiful gift box - THE PERFECT GIFT
• natural gemstones for your choice


The length is adjustable from 6" to 7,5" - You can't go wrong with the size!